What Is a Therapist?


What Is a Therapist?

A therapist is a person who helps a patient change their life. A therapist uses his or her expertise to help people improve their lives. Therapy sessions are similar to doctor appointments and involve filling out paperwork that contains personal details, medical history, and other information. In a first session, a patient can discuss his or her hopes and dreams, as well as share any problems he or she is experiencing. These meetings should be confidential and free of judgment.

Depending on the type of therapist, a patient’s sessions may range from one to three sessions. Some therapists specialize in specific conditions, such as addiction or depression. Others focus on other aspects of life, such as family relationships. They can work in mental health facilities, private offices, or both. A therapist should have extensive knowledge of the field. If a patient has a history of depression, they may want to consider a therapist with more experience in dealing with these issues. read more

What is the Difference Between Emergency and General Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the medical field devoted to the early identification, prevention, and the treatment of various mental illnesses. The field incorporates different disciplines such as clinical psychology, psychiatry, neurology, social and psychological sciences, and other related fields. A person who has a disorder may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms, and it is important that the appropriate psychiatric service is sought. Consult a psychiatrist for a complete assessment.


Psychology contributes largely to the understanding of mental illness and their treatment. This field uses diagnostic tests to reveal the cause of the illness and to provide information on how the disorder affects a person’s functioning within society and his family. It also uses tests and psychological assessments in the process of determining the patient’s eligibility for a course of action. In psychiatry, one who is suspected of having a mental disorder is referred to a psychiatrist for an evaluation and a treatment. In some instances, medication is prescribed. read more