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What is Stewardship Of Treasure?

It is a sacrifice
If you can give your gift and it doesn’t impact your lifestyle, then you are not sacrificially giving. The element of sacrifice occurs when your life changes in order to give the gift. When you give something up to make a gift, it becomes a sacrifice. We do without, so others may have. That’s true generosity.

It is proportionate
Proportionate is a key word because whether by choice or by chance, our blessing of money and the responsibility we have is unique. We are blessed in different ways, and all we own, how little or how much, is a a blessing.

In the Gospel of Mark, the poor widow's contribution was powerful because she was giving her whole livelihood. Those "two small coins" represented a fortune to her. Her gift went beyond a legal obligation.

The thought, prayer, and effort that go into the decision make it a a good and holy gift to God. Reflect. How proportionate should my gift be? Does it put God’s will ahead of our own will? God blessed us with money to enjoy, but sometimes that enjoyment becomes excessive, and many times the more we own, the more difficult it is to share. If you must, begin with little steps.

God is more interested in the effort that the amount. We are accepted where we are, but challenged to become more like Jesus Christ. Find the joy that comes with being truly generous.

It is planned in advance
PLANING IS IMPORTANT. Anything that is important to us is planned well in advance. We set high goal and standards and then we work toward those goals.

Planning can also be used as a time for dialogue among family members. Without planning, giving can become a source of tension within the family. It can also be a routine. Some use a separate money account for their sacrificial giving.

It is a gift
It is a generous gift to God, not a payment for a service. Nor is it an “admission ticket” on the Sundays we attend Mass. We shouldn't “vote” with our money, or place strings on our gifts. Our parish should be accountable, but our pastor and parish pastoral council are ultimately responsible for making that decision. Please pray that they are good stewards of our good and holy gift.

It is a prayer of thanksgiving
YES, GIVING MONEY IS A PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING. Money is a good and powerful gift from God. But much more powerful is how we chose to steward that gift for the good of others.

Where should we give?
Your first obligation is to your parish family. At Mass you receive the Eucharist and hear the Liturgy of the Word. That is why many use the guidleline that at least half of your sacrificial gift is carried to the altar during the offertory. Your offertory is a good and holy gift to God.

If your parish supports large ministries (schools, etc.) or needs major capital repairs or improvements, you might consider giving a much larger percentage of your gift to the parish. There are many other Catholic and charitable orgnizations you might also want to support.


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